About Happirella


Kiu Law


Kiu 她畢業於英國大學University of Huddersfield,主修平面設計,在之前她只是一個十分普通,四處可見的生活博客,直至2017年2月尾愛犬往生了。大大改變她的人生觀,開始接觸佛教,也開始成為一位魚素主義者(Pescetarianism) 

Kiu She Graduated From the University of Huddersfield, Major Graphic Design. She used to be a Normal lifestyle Blogger until 2017 March, Her dog has passed away, Makes her got touch with the Buddhism, this changed her life and Buddhism is her religion right now. And also she started to show solicitude for the Animals, which she choose to become a Pescetarianism

當她成為魚素主義者後,發現Happirella終於有一個比較明確的主題及方向,她決定Happirella 會專注在寫素食餐廳為主,因為她知道,在全球素食餐廳一點也不普遍,覺得有需要發掘更多及寫下最誠懇的食評。同時,Blog 另一個重點主題,就是發掘無動物測試或全素的美妝產品及品牌。

Once she became a Pescetarianism, she decided This Blog, Happirella finally has the clear theme. She decided to stay focus on the vegetarian/ Vegan restaurants in HK or all over the world as you know, vegetarian/ vegan restaurants are not command. And also she decide to discover more beauty products or brands which are Vegan/ Cruelty Free.